From: Paul Toner and Tim Sullivan <</span>>
Date: April 4, 2013, 5:02:25 PM EDT

Subject: Say NO to bad tax plan

Message from MTA President Paul Toner and Vice President Tim Sullivan.
The legislative leadership has failed to meet the needs of our students and our communities in its new transportation-only tax and spending plan. Next, our state representatives and senators will cast their votes. Their votes will determine the revenue available for public education and other important needs for the upcoming fiscal year and into the future.
Please contact your state representatives and senators right away and urge them to vote NO on the transportation-only bill proposed by the House and Senate leadership on April 2. Votes on the bill are expected next week, starting April 8, so don't wait to act.
Go here to send this message: Vote NO on the transportation-only bill that raises too little money, raises most of that money regressively by increasing the taxes on gasoline and tobacco products, and fails to allocate any new resources to education and many other services that benefit families, communities, seniors and our economy.

The MTA will keep members informed about ongoing efforts to support a fair, adequate, sustainable revenue and spending plan - like the ones proposed by Governor Deval Patrick and the Campaign for Our Communities - that will strengthen our schools and promote the Commonwealth's economic health into the future.