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Date: February 5, 2013 10:23:44 PM EST
Subject: NEW: Hybrid Spring 2013 PD Courses - Jenmarc, Inc.

February has come in a bit "SNOWY".   Perfect time to begin a PD course before the real "NICE WEATHER" returns.  Please pass this on to your members.   Thanks, Gary

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Hybrid Spring 2013 PD Courses
Gary L. Gilardi, M.Ed. CAGS
Director of Program Marketing

Jon L. Jenmarc, Incorporated
Consultants in Education

Cell:      339-933-0225
Office:     508-586-3574

 ALL courses are 3 graduate credits through ENDICOTT COLLEGE

 PDEV courses are priced at $ 225 per credit/$ 675 per 3 credit course

 Registration and payment take place at the first class meeting.
EDE 542: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Wellness in Today’s Classroom (3 graduate credits) (NEW COURSE)
 Instructor: Christopher R. Paniccia (pre‐register at

Location: Jenmarc Office 1350 Belmont St #101 Brockton, MA – at 4:00PM
Thursdays, February 7, 28 March 7 plus on‐line
Course Description:

This course is designed educators of all disciplines and age ranges. The course will focus on how teachers can use the theory of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as an innovative approach to facilitate students’ learning and understanding; to accommodate students’ different learning styles by providing alternative entry points in which to
learn and understand the required curricula. This approach also incorporates the theory of Multiple Intelligences and Wellness in the classroom. Teachers will develop an understanding of how Maslow’s Pyramid can help motivate students, foster self‐esteem and self‐expression, develop motor coordination skills and enhance social skills. This is a hands‐on class where teachers will become familiar with a variety of approaches to learning. For example, teachers will learn how to work with food in the classroom, safety plans, group work, and self‐ esteem building. Teachers will alsopractice developing lessons and alternative assessment instruments.
EDPA 588: School and Society (3 graduate credits) (NEW COURSE)
 Instructor: Fran Garcea Location: Stonehill College, Stanger Hall, Room 209 at 4:00PM

February 27 March 6, 27 plus on‐line
Course Description:
This course draws primarily on research in educational sociology, anthropology, and critical pedagogy to examine the multiple levels at which schools operate in society. We will look at how schools both support and challenge the dominant culture of which they are a part while helping students to develop a critical perspective on classrooms and
schools. In particular, we will focus on: 1) the changing conceptions of culture and education, 2) the relationship between individuals (e.g., students, teachers, administrators, parents) and educational institutions, and 3) the relationship between educational institutions and the larger society in which they operate.
EDPM 528 Understanding Aggression: Coping with Aggressive Behavior in the Classroom (3 graduate credits)
 Instructor: Christopher R. Paniccia (pre‐register at

Location: Jenmarc Office Classroom, 1350 Belmont St #101, Brockton – at 4:00PM
Thursdays, April 4, 25 May 2 plus on‐line
Course Description:
This course is about violence in America, about the aggression in our schools, classrooms, streets, homes and elsewhere. The course speaks to the hate, the fights, the anger, the crimes committed and the victims in our schools and society. It is a course about students, children, teenagers, adults and neighbors, all of us. The course will consider the many forms of aggression. Topics of interest will include violence and the challenge of raising and working with children; aggression in our classrooms; American youth gangs and their influence; past and future sports violence. The goal of this course is to help educators better understand how aggression affects our lives and the lives of children. Hopefully such greater understanding and more skilled efforts at prevention will substantially reduce the aggression and violence that has become all too common in America’s schools.
EDPA 587: Classroom Management and Applied Behavior Analysis (3 graduate credits) (NEW COURSE)
 Instructor: Fran Garcea Location: Stonehill College, Stanger Hall, Room 209 at 4:00PM

Wednesdays, April 24, May 1, 15 plus on‐line
Course Description:
This course focuses on identifying, recording, evaluating, and changing social and academic behaviors of special and diverse populations. Theories of classroom management will be explored and various approaches to management including use of technological advances will be addressed. Developing classroom and individual behavior management plans will be emphasized.