February 13, 2013
To:         Local Association Presidents
MTA Board of Directors
MTA Staff
From:    Paul Toner, President
Tim Sullivan, Vice President
RE:          Support new revenue for education!
Legislators need to hear NOW that MTA members support new revenue for education.
The MTA is a leading member of the Campaign for Our Communities, a coalition of 120 organizations supporting a proposal to raise about $2 billion in new revenue to invest in education and other vital services. The coalition’s plan would increase the income tax rate, but also increase the personal exemption to reduce the impact on low- and middle-income taxpayers.
Governor Deval Patrick has offered a similar proposal, which increases the income tax rate, decreases the sales tax and doubles the personal exemption.
Patrick’s plan would raise about the same amount of money as the coalition bill. The governor wants half of the new funds to go to education – from preschool through public higher education – and the other half to transportation improvements.
It is time to stop cutting budgets and restore services to support our students, protect the quality of life in our communities and strengthen our economy.
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Please forward this message as soon as possible to fellow educators!